25th Anniversary Spotlight: Chris Spiegelman

SpiegelmanTriangle Community Center (TCC) is celebrating 25 years of serving the LGBTQ Community of Fairfield County, and part of that entails celebrating the dedication of members and leaders alike. One such leader is former TCCBoard President Chris Spiegelman, who served four terms in a role that helped to bring the Center to its current standing.

Though humble about his participation in TCC’s leadership and membership for nearly a decade, Spiegelman praises the teamwork that it took to get the Center to where it is today. Celebrating successes such as a full-time staff, a new Case Management Program, a supportive housing project, an emergency financial assistance program and a budget that has grown ten times what it used to be when he first began volunteering, Spiegelman reflects on the dedication and drive that enabled such success.

“We were an all-volunteer organization at one point,” explains Spiegelman. “We now have paid full-time staff. The staff stay connected to the community and adjust programs and services based on the community’s needs.  This is all the result of the big changes of the past, and these new services are part of a service-based organization, which we have evolved to from being a social organization. We don’t just support, we help.”

TCC has become a pillar in a community that has always sought to help its own. Through its vast programming to its consistent and exponential growth, it continues to service the LGBTQ Community to provide greater services to youth and the most at-risk individuals.  

“Strong LGBT Communities begin with strong LGBT Community Centers. And TCC continues to demonstrate the meaning behind the need for Centers like this,” concluded Spiegelman.



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