TCC Circulates National Health Survey

One of the greatest, most consistent achievements of Triangle Community Center (TCC) is how it has always found ways of giving back to the community. By providing support groups and necessary services to members of Fairfield County’s LGBTQ Community, TCC has always been a vital resource for people who have walked through its doors. But now, TCC has partnered with Healthlink ( to develop a Health Assessment Survey that it is distributing throughout Connecticut and which will provide the Center with pertinent information related to the specific needs of the greater LGBTQ Community. 

As a way of identifying various key factors that will help to improve the work of TCC, as well as its growing list of groups and services, the Health Assessment Survey will provide key insight into information related to the top health issues and concerns of the LGBTQ Community, as well as what the comparison is between the community’s concerns over what is stated as the highest health risks by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Took Kit. It will also reveal who is most at-risk for not receiving any type of medical treatment and what environments throughout Connecticut are deemed “very unfriendly” to the community.

“The outcomes I hope for at TCC as a result of the Health Assessment Survey are, first and foremost, a sense of urgency to address the health risks of individuals and to have them seek out LGBTQ health providers,” stated Jacki Alessio, TCC’s Service Coordinator and Case Manager.

The Health Assessment Survey will be the biggest one conducted for the LGBTQ Community in the Tri-State area, and will hopefully be a resource and template for organizations throughout the U.S. TCC will seek out 1,500 participants to take part in the survey, and will hope for definitive answers to various health disparities identified within the LGBTQ Community.

“We hope to achieve a lot of results from this survey,” explained Alessio. “We hope to have more volunteers come forward and to lead more support groups, we hope to have more referrals from TCC’s Case Management Program to our partnering agencies such as MFAP, CIRCLE CARE Center and mental health providers, and we hope to finally have fitness centers address an LGBTQ inclusion factor in their policies and programs.”

To learn more about TCC’s Health Assessment Survey, or to participate, please visit, or contact Jacki Alessio at 203.853.0600 or

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