Biological Parenting in the LGBTQ Community



Everyday equality is what we do at Triangle Community Center. As the marriage equality movement celebrates its biggest victory yet in the Obergefell Supreme Court holding, it is time for Triangle Community Center to restate its mission to our community: the work for LGBTQ rights is not yet done. Our work for equality is ongoing. What we do in the name of everyday equality is not always about legislative or legal battles. It is about helping the people who need it, and building up a community that is currently underserved and needs care and guidance in their day-to-day lives. It is about supporting new families. One of the ways we support new families is through our partners at Gay Parents to Be in partnership with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. 

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Fairfield County - More Pride Than Ever Before


Pride 2015

As the season to celebrate LGBTQ Pride continues across the country, organizations from around the country like Triangle Community Center have sought to continue the work of activists who put together some of the first Pride celebrations more than 45 years ago. The LGBTQ community and our allies in Fairfield County returned to Mathews Park this year on Saturday, June 13th to celebrate what became Fairfield County’s largest ever Pride celebration, which also marked Triangle Community Center’s 25th anniversary year.

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Triangle Community Center Expands Connections to Serve Transgender Community

In order to serve the needs of the LGBTQ community in Fairfield County, Triangle Community Center (TCC) offers a number of different programs and services. One of those services is Case Management, a free service that aims to connect self-identified LGBTQ clients living in Fairfield County to programs and services to address their needs. Over the past seven months, the highest number of client requests at TCC has been for transgender related referrals.
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