HIV and Hepatitis C Testing at MFAP

10405483_10152529918003428_2265168316916561404_n.jpgAs many members of the Triangle Community Center may already know, MFAP (Mid-Fairfield AIDS Project) has been offering free, rapid, and confidential HIV testing since the summer of 2012. These services are available Monday through Thursday 9am to 4pm, and on Fridays 9am to 3pm. You can make an appointment to get a test, guaranteeing that you will be seen immediately. We also accept walk-ins.  Additionally, MFAP also now offers free, rapid, and confidential Hep C (Hepatitis C) testing!


Why is MFAP offering free Hep C testing?

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Building Our LGBTQ Community


While attending a training in Florida this past winter with several other LGBTQ community center Executive Directors, one of the directors made a statement that has stayed with me ever since. She said, "We are not serving the LGBTQ community, we are serving the LGBTQ communities."

At first, I was hesitant to embrace such a concept as so much of the LGBTQ movement is dependent upon the L - G - B - T - and Q being able to unify as one community, with just one agenda and voice. However, this could not be farther from the reality that is the LGBTQ community.

Every member of our community has a unique identity that may include just one or several of the traits around sexual orientation or gender that qualify one as LGBTQ. Each of our unique identities demands its own priorities when it comes to creating an "agenda" for our community. While the national LGBTQ movement is focused almost exclusively on Marriage Equality, other issues such as gender non-discrimination, homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, and education are often overshadowed.


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Fairfield County Pride Makes a Comeback


This article sponsored by St. Paul's on the Green

On June 14th, Matthews Park was a bit more colorful than usual, thanks to Triangle Community Center. That sunny Saturday the local community, vendors, musicians, and plenty of rainbows lit up the venue.

The first Pride in the Park was a hit with Norwalk’s LGBTQ+ community. Attendees, TCC staff, and sponsors all agree that Pride in the Park was a success for TCC and a fun time for local residents of all ages.

“I would look around and see smiling faces, celebrating and hula hooping,” says Erik Anderson, a volunteer for the event.


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